Take Control of Your Destiny with Crossed Premium

With Crossed Premium, embrace the power of unlimited redos, endless likes, standout messaging and the visibility of seeing who’s already interested in you. 

Amidst a sea of fleeting interactions, gain greater control over your connections and move with intention, giving you an edge in finding romance, forging friendships and discovering professional opportunities.

Enjoy Premium Features at a Budget-Friendly Cost

Don’t worry — upgrading to Crossed Premium won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Check out our budget-friendly plans so you can connect with friends, find love and explore career opportunities without the hefty price tag:

12 Month


Best Deal

1 Month


Most Popular

6 Month


Future you may need to ghost us (we get it; commitment can be hard.) That’s why our no-strings-attached cancellation policy lets you bail anytime, penalty-free.

Meet Fate Halfway with Crossed Premium

More than just an upgrade, Crossed Premium is your gateway to maximizing your potential in forging life-changing connections. Transform chance into choice with:

Rewinds Icon

Unlimited Redos

Never worry about skipping someone by accident anymore – now you can always Rewind.

Likes Icon

Unlimited Likes

Swipe up and like others as much as your heart desires.

See Icon

See Who Liked You

Access the list of everyone who has liked you through the three different modes.

Messages Icon

Priority Messages

Have your messages be prioritized to the top of the chat list and stand out from the crowd.

Resume Icon

View Resumes

View and download portfolios and resumes of other members of the Crossed community.


What’s a Spark?
What Makes It So Special? 

It all begins with a
single Spark SparkIcon , right?

When you Ignite a Spark, you’re doing more than just sending a regular like — you’re making a bold statement. It’s your way of saying ——

“Hey, you stand out from the rest, let’s connect!”

This little action is a big move, signaling that someone has truly caught your eye and you’re eager to stand out in their notifications.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. You get 5 Sparks to use each month as part of your Premium membership, so make each one count. Think of them as your elite arsenal for connecting with the best of the best.

Need more Sparks?

You can always purchase more to keep the momentum going



Perfect for when you find someone absolutely amazing.



Keep your Spark
game strong!



For when you’re ready to go all out in your search for connections.

Ignite a Spark and watch your chances of forming meaningful connections soar. It’s not just a like; it’s the start of something special. Ready to light up someone’s world with a Spark?

Escape Swipe Fatigue

Crossed Premium: Your Solution to Swiping Fatigue

Ready to quit doom-swiping every night before bed? Download Crossed Premium so you can start turning real-life crossings into potential lifelong connections (with a whole lot less swiping!).

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