Find Love

Picture this: You’re at your favorite café, and there’s an instant spark with someone in line. But before you can say hello, they’re gone. With Crossed, you can reconnect with that missed connection and turn “what if” into “what is.”

Find Friendship

Picture this: You’re at a concert, vibing to the music alongside someone who shares your taste. As the crowd disperses, so does the chance to connect. Crossed helps you find that concert buddy again, turning your shared love of music into a friendship that reaches beyond just one fleeting night.

Find Career Opportunities

Picture this: You’re at a busy and prestigious conference, finally crossing paths with someone from your dream company. Before you can introduce yourself, they’re swept into the crowd. Later, you find them again on Crossed, opening the door to the professional opportunity you thought you’d missed.


You Might Be Thinking, “Why on Earth Would I Download Another One of These Apps?” — Here’s Why

Feeling fed up with the same old swiping saga and the catfishing chronicles? Trust us, we get it.

Focusing on quality matches over quantity of matches, we’re flipping the script by enabling you to connect with real-deal people, not just digital daydreams.

Not joining the Crossed community would be like walking past your favorite coffee shop every day and never popping in for a cup. You could be missing out on the rich, authentic connections brewing just within your reach.

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Uncover and connect with people you naturally cross paths with in your everyday life.

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You Deserve Matches That Are Actually
Worth Your Time

At Crossed, we deeply understand the frustration of endless swiping, whether it’s for dating, making friends or networking. It often feels like a never-ending quest, leading to more fatigue than actual connections. This is precisely why Crossed was created: to redefine the way you connect across all spheres of your life.

Whether you’re on the hunt for business networking, a romantic flame or new friendships, Crossed is designed to weave naturally into your life. No need to alter your routine — live life as you love it, and let Crossed highlight the connections in your orbit. We’re about bringing you authentic and meaningful experiences far removed from the superficiality of traditional swiping.

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Revive Fate

Capture missed opportunities; transform chance into choice.

No Doom Swiping

Minimize app time, maximize real-life experiences.

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Connect Realistically

Encounter matches with relevance, not randomness.

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Match with Intention

Swap endless swiping for meaningful connections.

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Tell Your Whole Story

Share your multifaceted story: professional, personal and romantic.

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Match Strategically

Connect with nearby matches that fit your life’s natural rhythm.

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Leave Doom-Swiping in the Past

It’s time to put an end to your era of doom-swiping. Download Crossed now to start turning your daily whereabouts into exciting opportunities for romance, friendship and even your next big career move.

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