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If you’ve ever found yourself endlessly swiping through Tinder, Hinge or Bumble, thinking, “I think I might actually hate it here.”, you’re not alone. In fact, co-founders of Crossed, Manny Manzel and Conor Crighton, couldn’t agree more.

As a society, we’re at a pivotal moment in time where traditional social and professional networking apps are missing the mark in creating genuine and realistic connections. That’s why we developed Crossed, a platform where proximity and authenticity are at the core of every interaction.

But what exactly does proximity and authenticity entail? Consider this: while numerous apps today can connect you with people in different cities or countries, the real question is — how meaningful are these distant connections if you never get to meet? This is where Crossed revolutionizes modern-day online connections.

We encourage real, tangible connections by revealing the hidden potential of your everyday encounters.

Connecting you with people you’re literally crossing paths with every day but might not even know it.  

For us, it’s always been about finding a way to transform everyday encounters into potential friendships, romantic connections or even professional opportunities. So, instead of aimlessly scrolling through apps that leave you feeling disconnected, Crossed enables you to forge real connections by simply living life. 

As we gear up to launch Crossed, we invite you to join us on this journey to redefine the essence of connection, where your next worthwhile relationship could be just around the corner.

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What Makes Crossed Different
From Other Social Networking Apps?

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Your Matches Aren’t Random — They Reflect Your Real-Life Choices

With Crossed’s innovative geo-proximity feature, every match transcends mere coincidence; it becomes a serendipitous encounter with someone you’ve crossed paths with in real life. This isn’t just another app — think of it as your personal facilitator of fate, guiding you toward more meaningful connections.

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You’ll Finally Defeat the Oh-So-Dreaded Hours of Doom-Swiping

Crossed redefines discovery by syncing with the rhythm of your life, not just your physical location. This means your potential connections are curated based on the places you frequently visit — your favorite café, your gym, your workplace and more. It’s a groundbreaking approach where your matches are a reflection of your daily activities and lifestyle choices, encouraging you to immerse yourself more in the real world and less in endless doom-swiping.

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You Can Tell Your Whole Story, Not Just Pieces of It

In a world oversaturated with apps that showcase only fragments of who you are, our approach inspires you to share the richness of your personality, passions and professional aspirations, ensuring a genuine and profound first impression. Unlike the often superficial glimpses offered on traditional dating apps, Crossed is a space where the entirety of your character is the key to building diverse and purposeful romantic relationships, friendships and professional connections.


Meet The Founders of Crossed

Manny Manzel

Chief Executive Officer

Conor Crighton

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Conor Crighton, the COO and Founder of Crossed. His ability to transform an idea into a tangible product has been crucial in the development of Crossed.

What Inspired the Creation of Crossed?

Conor’s personal experiences with the inefficiencies of existing dating apps motivated him to create something better. He saw the potential for a platform that could offer more than just fleeting swipes and instead focused on creating one that’s intentional about cultivating lasting connections.

Conor believes Crossed is an app that will break down barriers in social and professional networking, providing realistic opportunities for more rewarding connections across all walks of life.

Fun Fact

Originating from the culturally rich Cayman Islands, Conor has always been drawn to the diversity of his homeland. His aspiration to connect with the unique and accomplished individuals residing there fuels his commitment to transforming every swipe into a meaningful and lasting connection on Crossed.

Conor Crighton

a New Era of
Human Connection

Ready to see who you’re crossing paths with each day? Reveal the potential hidden within your daily routine by downloading Crossed now.

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